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How to Get Rid of Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever experienced imposter syndrome, not feeling like you fully belonged or you didn’t have the experience required to be in a certain room, or to do a certain task?

Let me tell you, you’re not alone.

Impostor syndrome is very common and very normal, especially when we’re trying new things and we’re leaving our comfort zone. When we try new things, it’s very normal to feel like an imposter. That feeling of “who am I to be doing this?”

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How to Get Focused and Get Results

Are you tired of spinning your wheels and not achieving your goals?

One of the comments I hear a lot is “I need better time management.” “I’m not using my time productively and I keep spinning my wheels.” “I have great intentions to achieve this goal, I feel like I’ve got lots of knowledge and experience but I can’t get the traction.”

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Do you hate your job?

Do you hate your job? Do you struggle to get up every morning to do the thing that you have to do?

Here’s how to go from hating your job into really living your passion.

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Is perfectionism holding you back?

Perfectionism is a really common paradigm or belief that can hold us back from achieving our goals. Are you a perfectionist or a recovering perfectionist, where every attention to detail is really, really important to you? Has the fear of not having things “just so” held you back from really moving into what it is that you would love?

You are not alone.

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How to Think Positive for Better Results

Have you ever wondered how do I think positive?

There’s enough research that shows the importance of positive thinking, and the many benefits it has on our health, on our mental state, on our life. But the question becomes “How do I apply that into my life? How do I think positively?”

Today I wanted to share some really practical tips on how to apply positive thinking into your life so that you can maximize its power.

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What happens if you grow and your partner doesn’t?

I am blessed to have an incredibly supportive husband who has always supported my dreams and I have supported his. We have been on a personal development journey together since day one but having spoken to thousands of people I know that this isn’t always the case. A common concern I hear when someone is considering working with me on creating their dreams is a fear about leaving a partner or a spouse “behind”.

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How to Deal With Negative People

Do you have a negative coworker, friend, relative, or even spouse? When you want them to be supportive, they are thinking of reasons it won’t work out. In this week’s video I give you three things that YOU can do to manage the negative people in your life – the second one is a simple statement that could reframe the entire conversation.

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Personal Growth

Are you thinking it has to be either/or?

We tend to think in either/or. I can either have love OR independence. I can have success in my career OR a great family life. I can have money OR I can have relationship. Where in your life is there a belief that you can’t have it all? And what if you could?

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Dream Bigger!

You don’t need that. That’s unnecessary. Do you really want to do that? That’s gonna be so hard.

Has anyone ever said any of those comments to you, and because you heard those comments, you’ve played small in your life and with your dreams?

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Do you have a vision for your business?

If you’re a business owner, do you have a vision for your business?

It is common for a business’ staff and departments to be really busy with different projects and work, but there’s not an overall vision that people are working towards.

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Want a fresh perspective on your business?

The concept of the “master mind alliance” was introduced by Napoleon Hill in his book from the 1920s, The Law of Success, and expanded upon in his 1930s book, Think And Grow Rich. Countless successful people throughout history belonged to such groups, but it was Napoleon Hill who explained it clearly and encouraged people to gather together in a structured, repeatable environment for the success of all.

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Here’s How to Grow Your Business and Reach Your Goals

Pay attention. Is there a step you are avoiding that would move you in the direction of your dream?

Have you been asking yourself “How do I grow my business?” “How do I reach this goal?” “What does business growth look like?” “How do I go from where I am to where I want to be?” “How do I break through this plateau?” By implementing this process and by taking action on those steps you will absolutely see growth in your business.

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