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Journal Prompts That Create Results

Journalling is a powerful way to get our thoughts out on paper, and journalling is also a powerful manifestation tool when done properly.

How can you journal in a way that helps you achieve you goals faster?

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Bounce Back After Disappointment or Setbacks

Are you letting a setback a disappointment derail your vision?

Do you have disappointment? Is a setback keeping you stuck and keeping you from moving forward?Setbacks and disappointments are part of this human journey, so how do we move forward from a setback?

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How to Get Focused and Get Results

Are you tired of spinning your wheels and not achieving your goals?

One of the comments I hear a lot is “I need better time management.” “I’m not using my time productively and I keep spinning my wheels.” “I have great intentions to achieve this goal, I feel like I’ve got lots of knowledge and experience but I can’t get the traction.”

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Uplevel Your Relationships with these Six Love “Supplies”

Today I’m going to give you six love supplies that can help build greater intimacy, can help build greater connection, so that you can really up level the experience that you’re currently having in your relationships in your life.

There was a study done by Harvard where they interviewed over 20,000 people, and what they were looking for is how people feel loved and express love, and from that study they learned there are six love supplies for how people best feel loved.

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Personal Growth

The uncertainty we face this fall

I released a video last year that I think is just as relevant today. So many of us are heading back to the office, kids are back in school and enrolled into sports and activities, and we are again facing some anxiety and worry about different factors. I thought I would remind you of the

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