The Antidote to Self Doubt

When self-doubt starts to arise, we tend to put our foot on the brakes of our goals and dreams. That little voice gets inside of our head, and we start doubting ourselves. We start questioning if this dream or goal is right for us, or if we’re right for the goal. Can I do this? Am I qualified? Do I have the education? What will people think? What if I fail? I’ve tried this before and it didn’t work out, what’s going to be different this time? Maybe I’m too old. Maybe I’m too young…. So self-doubt starts to kick in, and then we tend to put on the brakes and we start to procrastinate. We’re not taking action and we lose momentum.

Today I want to share with you the antidote for self doubt that was taught to me by one of my business consultants, John Boggs, who is a leadership specialist. This antidote is action. It’s action.

The very thing we don’t want to do is what we have to do to move forward. As you start to notice the self-doubt, remember our biggest tool in Mastering Your Mindset is notice what you’re noticing. Noticing and paying attention to how you’re feeling, the thoughts that you’re thinking. And as you become more attuned to those thought processes, and more aware of how you’re feeling, you can shift your energy and that momentum quicker.

As you start to hear from that “I don’t know if I can” voice, and that self-doubt is kicking in, it’s in those moments that we want to take a breath to interrupt that pattern, connect to our vision (and if you’re not clear on your vision, take some time and download the free vision creation audio linked here), and ask yourself “What’s an action step I can take right now in service of this dream?”

Here’s what happens. As we interrupt that little voice of self-doubt, reconnect to our vision, and serve our vision with action, the self-doubt starts to subside. It’ll get quieter, and your vision and your passion for what you’re creating will get louder.

So when that little voice of self-doubt shows up, and it will, as long as you’re growing as long as you’re stretching yourself, reconnect your vision and take a step. Any step.

Is there a phone call you can make? Is there some research that you can do? Maybe it’s getting out for a walk, eating something healthy if you’ve got health goals, making that sales call if it’s a business goal, but what’s a step you can take? There is always something you can do towards your vision.

There’s a great expression, if you think you’ve done everything you can, remember you haven’t. There’s always a step you can take. Ask yourself right now, what action step could i take in the next five minutes towards my vision, and take that action.

And when you’ve taken that action, celebrate yourself! Celebrate that baby step on the way to your dreams.

Here is to you living a life you love,


Stacey Berger Business Coach
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