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Feeling Behind? Do These 3 Things!

No matter your age group, there can be this feeling of “I thought I would be further ahead than I am right now.” Here are 3 ways to move past that feeling!

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Uplevel Your Relationships with these Six Love “Supplies”

Today I’m going to give you six love supplies that can help build greater intimacy, can help build greater connection, so that you can really up level the experience that you’re currently having in your relationships in your life.

There was a study done by Harvard where they interviewed over 20,000 people, and what they were looking for is how people feel loved and express love, and from that study they learned there are six love supplies for how people best feel loved.

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Uplevel the Quality of Relationships in Your Life

Whether you’re single and trying to call in that relationship in your life, or if you already have a partner and you would like to deepen that relationship; maybe some of those relationships in your life have gone on autopilot and you’re ready to really deepen the intimacy and the connection so that you can have greater joy in your life, this exercise here is for you. I have found this exercise to be very helpful for clients that I’ve worked with who are trying to either call in that relationship in their life, or deepen an existing relationship.

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